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What Garage Door Repairs Are Dangerous?

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Jun 13, 2019 2:45:00 PM


There are plenty of garage door repairs you can make as a homeowner, but others should definitely be left to the pros. Knowing your limits and being aware of potential repair challenges will help keep you and your property safe. Check out these dangerous garage door repairs and find out why you should leave them to an expert. 


Replacing a Snapped Garage Door Cable

Your garage door system is a complex network of various parts. These individual pieces must work together properly to operate your door. Cables play a major role in opening and closing your garage door safely. If one of the cables has snapped, it’s important to call a professional to have it replaced. If you notice that your cables are beginning to wear out, do not attempt to repair them yourself. Cables are under a tremendous amount of tension and can cause serious injury if they are not treated with care. For this reason, any repairs dealing with your garage door cables should be handled by a trained professional. Trained garage door experts can accomplish this tricky repair without inflicting damage on your property or themselves.


Fixing a Broken Garage Door Spring

Garage door springs are another seriously dangerous portion of your garage door system. These massive metal corkscrews are under extreme pressure and can act unpredictably when they are strained or broken. Attempting to repair or replace a garage door spring on your own is not a good idea. A garage door technician is much more prepared to safely handle a garage door spring than you are, so it’s best to enlist their help if you believe your spring is damaged. This will eliminate your chances of injury and ensure that the repair is done correctly. What’s more, a garage door expert can properly diagnose the issue with your system and provide the necessary remedy; you may not always be able to do so. 


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Installing a New Garage Door

The weight of a garage door should be enough of a deterrent for the average DIYer. Even if you have a friend helping you with the installation, garage doors are incredibly heavy and awkward. If you don’t drop the door on yourself, you’re likely to cause damage to your property. Even if you happen to maneuver the door and get it installed, there’s a chance that you won’t have done so properly. Unfortunately, you won’t know if the door is unsafe until it’s too late. A team of garage door professionals is far better equipped to handle the massive installation. When you trust a pro, you’re safeguarding your garage door system, your property, and yourself. You’ll be grateful that you hired a professional when your new door is installed safely and in a timely manner.


Stay safe and call in the professionals at WD Door in Des Moines. Our team of garage door experts can handle whatever problem your system is having. Snapped cables, broken springs, and old doors are no match for WD Door’s technicians. Contact us to learn more! 


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