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How to Replace Your Garage Door Remote Battery

Posted by Jeff Myers on Dec 31, 2015 12:01:00 PM

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Several different brands and types of garage door openers are available, and with them come a variety of wireless, handheld remote controls. Whether yours is LiftMaster, Genie, or another brand, you’ll likely go through a process much like the one we’ll walk through today to replace your garage door remote battery. There might be a slight variation among different types of remotes, however, so you should always refer back to your manual to make sure the job is executed properly.


When to Replace the Battery on Your Remote

If your garage door response time is slow (or nonexistent) when you click the remote to open or close the door, it’s probably time to replace the batteries in your remote. Other signs showing the batteries are growing weak is if the keypad is dimmer than usual or the LED lights in your remote don’t flash like they used to.

Instead of spending time and money on having a garage door technician come out to your home to inspect your garage door, try changing the remote batteries on your own first. It’s simple, straightforward, and only takes a couple of minutes. If you find that your door still isn’t running properly once you know your batteries are fresh and your remote is fully charged, then you may need to call a garage door technician.


Accessing the Old Battery

Grab a screwdriver and gently unscrew or pry open the cover on your remote, or, if your remote has a slide cover, simply slide it off to expose the battery. Remove the old battery (or batteries) and take a look at the number and voltage. You’ll need to replace the old battery with a new one of the same kind, most likely a 3-volt 2032 lithium coin-cell battery. Depending on your remote, it might use a different type of coin-cell battery or just a AA or AAA alkaline battery. If necessary, take your battery to the store with you so you can find a match.


Inserting the New Battery

Once your old battery has been removed and disposed of properly, look closely at the inside of the compartment. It should show the proper way to insert your new battery. Look at the positive (+) and negative (-) symbols and insert the battery with the correct side facing its corresponding symbol. Most of the time, the positive side of your battery should face upward. Once your battery is inserted into its compartment securely and properly, replace the cover. Most coin-cell batteries last about five years before they need to be replaced again. That’s all there is to it!


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