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Don't Try This at Home: Garage Door Edition

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Sep 5, 2019 10:47:00 AM

When issues arise with your home, it can be satisfying to be the one to research and implement solutions. Many people have become do-it-yourself (DIY) experts in the last several years, and completing certain projects done at home can save time and money.

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Garage Door Issues? It Could be a Broken Spring.

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Aug 22, 2019 10:19:00 AM

Your overhead garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. It makes sense that various components of the system would wear down or suffer damage as the years go by. The door’s springs are responsible for offsetting the weight of your garage door so it can consistently open and close smoothly and with ease. To protect not just you garage door but also your family’s personal safety, it is very important to ensure a damaged spring is repaired or replaced immediately. If your garage door hasn’t been functioning properly, use our checklist to decide if a broken spring may be causing the issue.

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Types of Garage Door Openers

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Aug 6, 2019 11:23:00 AM


It’s natural for the pieces and parts that make up your garage door system to have some wear and tear over the years. You’ll most likely need to replace these components as time goes by, or you might just want an upgrade from what your house came with. No matter your reason, a new garage door opener can provide many benefits, including heightened security, keypad entry, and wireless features. To know what kind of garage door opener is best for your needs, first decide what you want to prioritize. What matters more to you and your family: cost, noise level, maintenance?

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How to Tell If Your Garage Door Springs Are Broken

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Jul 24, 2019 2:29:00 PM

Your overhead garage door is used multiple times a day for years. With that kind of consistent use, it’s natural for things to get worn down and eventually break. For instance, your garage springs are responsible for offsetting the weight of the overhead door so it is easy to open and close. Since garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds, it’s incredibly important to make sure a broken spring is replaced as soon as possible, before it does irreparable damage to your garage door—or worse, someone gets hurt. How can you tell if it is broken, and what should you do if it is? 

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Fiberglass vs. Steel Garage Doors—How Do I Choose?

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Jul 8, 2019 1:03:00 PM

There are several components to consider when installing a new garage door. The new door needs to complement the look of your home, enhance its curb appeal, and last for years to come. You’ve narrowed your choices down to fiberglass or steel. Now how do you choose?

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5 Emergencies Your WiFi-Powered Garage Door Opener Can Save You From

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Jun 28, 2019 2:57:00 PM

When you take advantage of home automation and myQ technology, there are a number of situations you no longer have to worry about. MyQ technology from LiftMaster gives you complete control over your garage and provides unprecedented accessibility and security for your home. Check out these emergencies that your WiFi-powered garage door system can save you from, and then have myQ-equipped products installed in your home

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Topics: garage door operators, myQ technology

What Garage Door Repairs Are Dangerous?

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Jun 13, 2019 2:45:00 PM

There are plenty of garage door repairs you can make as a homeowner, but others should definitely be left to the pros. Knowing your limits and being aware of potential repair challenges will help keep you and your property safe. Check out these dangerous garage door repairs and find out why you should leave them to an expert. 

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How Can I Increase the Lifespan of My Garage Door Operator?

Posted by Steve Bouchard on May 27, 2019 2:50:00 PM


You use your garage door every day, so it makes sense that you’d want the operator to last as long as possible. While you can’t extend its life forever, you can take practical steps to get the most out of your garage door opener and system. Here’s how to increase the lifespan of your garage door operator. 

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What to Do If Your Garage Door Spring Is Broken

Posted by Steve Bouchard on May 15, 2019 2:00:00 PM


Your garage door system relies on a number of moving parts to operate correctly. If any one of those key pieces is broken, it's likely that your door won't open or close. This is especially true if your garage door spring breaks. Torsion springs are incredibly dangerous and need to be treated with caution. Here’s what you should do if your garage door spring is broken. 

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Can I Install My Own Garage Door?

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Apr 30, 2019 2:07:00 PM

Garage doors have become necessary amenities in our everyday lives, but unfortunately, they don't last forever. When it comes time to replace your garage door, you may be tempted to save money by trying to install the new door yourself. Here’s why this isn’t a good idea—and how hiring a professional will protect you, your family, your time, and your budget. 

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