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What General Maintenance Should I Plan for My Garage Door System?

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Apr 5, 2019 1:58:00 PM


You use your garage door every day, often multiple times. To keep it in working order, it’s important to plan regular maintenance on your system. While you should leave some repairs to the pros, there are some steps you can take as a homeowner to maintain your garage door system. Use the following steps as your guide to general garage door maintenance. 


Listen While You Operate

One of the telltale warning signs of a malfunctioning garage door system is loud noise while operating. After using your door on a regular basis, you may be completely out of touch with the noises your system makes. Take time to cycle your door once or twice and listen for screeching, clanking, or rattling. A properly working garage door system should operate with little to no noise, so if you can locate where the sound is coming from, pay close attention to that area as you’re conducting your maintenance. Addressing problems as they arise will help you maximize the performance and lifespan of your garage door system.


Visually Inspect

Once you’ve warmed up the door with a couple of cycles, do a visual inspection of the entire system. While you may not know the intricacies of your garage door system, you can certainly spot problems like broken, damaged, or rusting parts. If you can safely handle the issue on your own—like a bolt that needs to be replaced or some rust that needs to be removed—feel free to address it. If you identify problems that you are unsure of, contact your local garage door company for an inspection and repair.


Clear the Tracks

With your door in the closed position, clear your garage door tracks of any rust, dirt, or grime. You can do this by taking a damp rag and wiping along the tracks. If you notice that your tracks are damaged, bent, or severely rusted, contact your local garage door experts and have your tracks replaced.


Check the Hardware

There are plenty of little nuts, bolts, and screws that keep your system intact. Examine all of the hardware on your door and tracks, and take time to tighten them if needed. Replace any missing hardware to keep your system running properly and prevent it from coming apart.


Check the Rollers, Cables, and Springs

Some of the key players on your garage door’s team are the rollers, cables, and springs. While it is not recommended that you replace any of these parts on your own, you can inspect them to determine their condition. If you notice that any of these parts are deteriorating, you should have your local garage door company repair your system.


Lubricate Moving Parts

Finally, lubricate the tracks of your garage door system and all of its moving parts. The lubricant will decrease the friction your system experiences while operating. Before you apply lubricant to your system, make sure to wipe away any old buildup on your tracks.


You don’t have to tackle garage door system maintenance all on your own! In the greater Des Moines area, trust the experts at WD Door. Our garage door technicians can inspect your system's parts, make necessary repairs, and return your system to working order in no time. Contact us online to schedule your appointment, or call (515) 963-0989 in an emergency. 

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