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Is Your Garage Ready for Summer Storms?

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Jun 27, 2017 9:27:00 AM


If you live in Des Moines, Iowa, or elsewhere in the Midwest, you’ve most likely experienced a power outage due to a violent storm at some point. When your electricity goes out, you lose more than the light in your home; the electricity powering your garage door will also be lost. What if your garage door won’t open when you need to rush off to work in the morning? We often don’t think of these types of problems until they actually occur, and then we’re left stressed and annoyed at the sudden inconvenience.


How can I avoid this problem?

Depending on the seriousness of the outage, you could potentially be without electricity for several days. Fortunately, garage door system manufacturers have thought this through already. Your garage door can run without electricity if it has a battery backup system.


How does a garage door battery backup system work?

When the electricity goes out, the garage door opener will pull power from a 12-volt battery unit to operate the garage door. In some models, the battery is built into the motor housing. In other models, the battery is located above the motor housing. If the battery is fully charged at the time of the power outage, it should operate for the next 24 hours or up to 20 full cycles. Opening and closing the garage door one time is one cycle. Batteries will recharge when the electricity returns.


What type of garage door opener do I need?

Many garage door opener brands offer battery backup systems, including LiftMaster, Linear, and Genie. The backup battery must be the same brand as the opener, and you may or may not be able to add a battery backup to your existing opener; it depends on the age and brand. When it comes time to buy a new garage door opener, remember to look for one with this extra safety feature.


How can I open my garage door during a power outage without a battery backup?

You’ll have to open your door manually. To do this, pull the red emergency release handle that hangs down inside your garage, which will disengage the trolley and “unlock” your door so you can lift it. Lift up the door by hand, and pull your car in or out of the garage. Once your car is where you need it, you’ll have to close the garage door and reconnect the emergency release. If you don’t, your garage won’t be secure. Anyone could break in, which puts your home and family at risk.


A battery backup system will give you peace of mind, so you don’t have to panic if you ever experience power failure. If you’re interested in a battery backup system or a new garage door opener, call WD Door. Our Des Moines garage door installers and repair technicians provide quality commercial and residential service.



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