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Is it Safe to Use a Dented Garage Door?

Posted by Jeff Myers on Oct 6, 2020 10:00:00 AM

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dented-red-garage-doorThe August derecho left much of Iowa in a state of disarray, causing lengthy recovery efforts in numerous communities. If you who suffered damage to your home, you may be wondering what repairs still need to be done or if you can ignore the ones you’ve already noticed—including those on your garage door.


If your garage door is dented, don’t make the mistake of pushing the repair off until later. If you hear or see anything that isn’t quite right, there could be more extensive damage to the garage door’s system that needs your attention, or that of a professional technician, sooner than later.


Should I operate my garage when the door is dented?

As a homeowner, it’s natural to want everything to look great and operate perfectly. If a dent is the only damage your garage door sustained—and if repairing it isn’t financially possible right away—repairs can wait. But how can you tell if the damage needs immediate attention?

Examine your garage door and its entire system very carefully, and consider these questions.

  • Is the dent just a small ding, or is it large and covering most of a door panel?
  • Does the door now make a lot of noise when it is opened or closed, and does damage prevent it from opening or closing all the way?
  • Is the door lopsided or not quite fitting in the track correctly?
  • Does it seem like the operating system is working too hard to keep things running?

 These could all be signs that there is more wrong than meets the eye. If the dent seems extensive, or the answer to many of those questions is “yes,” then it is probably time to call a professional to assess the damage and repair the door or get it replaced.


How do I open my door when it’s broken?

Many people use their attached garage as the main point of entry and exit for their home. If your car was in the garage when the damage was inflicted on the door, you can manually open and close the door in order to get your car out.

However, once you have access to your car, close up your garage and don’t operate the door again until it can be looked over by a technician. Not only could you be risking more damage being done to the door, but this is also a security and safety issue. If the door isn’t closed all the way, anyone could easily get into your garage. If you lose control of the door when you are trying to manually open it, it could come crashing down on top of you or anything else in its way.


Is it safe to fix my garage door myself?

In most cases, your best option is to call a professional to help you fix whatever problem you’re having with your garage door. While there are some DIY repairs, like lubricating components or aligning the operator’s photo eyes, it’s important to know your limits. There are several things that could be wrong with your garage door, especially if it isn’t operating smoothly or isn’t opening or closing all the way. If your garage door springs need to be replaced or the tracks are bent or rusted, trying to repair these problems by yourself can result in you getting hurt or making the damage much worse. 

Garage doors are extremely heavy and operate under tremendous amounts of tension and pressure. Qualified garage door technicians are trained to fix issues as they arise and know how to properly handle the garage door system. Reaching out to an expert can help you avoid wasting your time and money—and, most importantly, keep you safe.

If your garage door suffered damage from a storm or other event and you have been putting off repairs, reach out to a professional as soon as you can. For more garage door tips and advice, subscribe to our blog! 

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