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I Can’t Get My Garage Door to Close!

Posted by Steve Bouchard on Jul 4, 2017 9:41:00 AM


Owning a garage door has its ups and downs…and sometimes the ups aren’t positive ones. If you attempt to close your garage door and it either doesn't move or it pops back up before shutting all the way, something is obviously wrong. There could be a few reasons for these problems. The answer may be easier to find than you think. On the other hand, the problem could be serious and expensive to fix, but let’s stay positive and explore the simple solutions first.


What to Do When Your Garage Door Won't Close


Look for obstructions.

If your garage door begins to close but pops back up before shutting all the way, inspect the area beneath the door. Is there anything in the door's path that's keeping it from closing?


Inspect the photo eyes.

Take a look at the photo sensors on both sides of your garage door near the floor. If anything is between them, the beam will be broken, and your garage door won’t close. It’s not always as obvious as an object in its path. You may need to dust off the photo eye sensors using a soft cloth. Scratches could also cause the system to malfunction. Make sure both photo eyes are aligned correctly as well. Read our previous post, Is Your Garage Door Not Closing or Reversing After a Few Inches?, to learn how to check and fix these simple problems yourself.


Test batteries.

Check your garage door opener remote batteries. They may be dead or dying and need to be replaced. Also check the batteries in your wall transmitter.


Check the travel setting.

If your garage door hits the floor and then bounces back up and won't stay shut, the travel setting on your garage door opener may need to be adjusted. This setting controls how far your door travels when opening and closing. Many newer models of openers have a safety feature that won’t allow the door to close all the way if it encounters an obstacle. If the travel setting is a little off, it may view the floor as an obstacle. To adjust this setting, carefully follow instructions for your particular type and brand of garage door opener.


Check for broken springs.

If your garage door springs have too much tension in them, the door may not shut all the way. Have a professional garage door technician adjust the tension for you. Attempting to make this adjustment on your own could be very dangerous.



If you’ve gone through this list and none of these problems seem to fit your current situation, something more serious could be wrong. Give us a call, and we can inspect your system thoroughly to find and fix any problems.

WD Door has been specializing in garage door repair and installation for over 25 years. We service residential and commercial doors. We’ll get your door back in motion as soon as possible so you can stop worrying. We're located in Ankeny and serve all of Des Moines and much of Central Iowa. Contact us today!







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