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Guest Blog: Connected Lifestyle

Posted by Ben McDougal on Apr 7, 2015 12:10:00 PM

Guest Blog: Connected Lifestyle

We live in beautiful times. Technology has evolved to enhance our world, while the Internet of Things (“IoT”) paves the way to a connected lifestyle. 

Whether it’s the smartphone in your pocket, the activity tracker on your wrist, or the conscious home you come home to each day, we connect through technology in ways that create endless inspiration.

As a progressive Des Moines home builder, the experienced team at Drake Homes finds this connected inspiration especially exciting and loves sharing all the powerful ways we can build a smarter home. In fact, here are 3 interesting scenarios that virtually everyone can relate to.

SCENARIO #1 – WELCOME HOMEScreen_Shot_2015-04-07_at_9.31.41_AM

You’ve had a long day, but spirits are lifted as you approach your home and things start coming to life. Your Liftmaster MyQ garage door recognizes you’re vehicle getting close and politely opens as select lights throughout your home come on and your favorite music fires up to celebrate your personalized welcome home party!

As you come inside, the laundry inside your smart washer that you started from your smartphone at work completes right in time the coffee maker you turned on with a smart switch, to brew you an evening cup of Joe. Welcome home, eh!

SCENARIO #2 – VACATION EMERGENCYScreen_Shot_2015-04-07_at_9.30.45_AM

You’re sitting on a white sand beach overlooking the turquoise waters of paradise, when suddenly, your smartphone alerts you that one of your in-home sensors have detected a water leak in your basement. Even though you’re a million miles from home, you take a relaxed sip of your umbrella cocktail, knowing this problem is only a few quick clicks from being resolved.

You activate your in-home security camera to confirm that unfortunately, you do have a water leak in your home. After quickly notifying a plumbing professional, you take another delicious sip of your cocktail, open one more app and provide the hired plumber with a one-time access code through your home’s smart door locks. After the water leak has been resolved, your conscious home is stabilized before it is even time to order your next drink. Now that’s just plain sexy! 

SCENARIO #3 – MONEY SAVING EFFICIENCYScreen_Shot_2015-04-07_at_9.30.01_AM

Everyone likes saving money. Most people like the added benefit of saving the earth as well. When your home runs at maximum efficiency, everyone wins. In this scenario, imagine the indoor temperature, all the lights in your home and the yard’s irrigation system can all be monitored and managed from the convenience of your smartphone. No more wasting money on heating/cooling an empty house, wasting energy by lighting empty rooms, or watering a lawn as free rain falls from the sky.

These are just a few quick examples, but each represent real ways that Drake Homes wants to bring your home to life. We are proud to partner with WD Door, who provides our garage doors and garage door openers in our new homes throughout Des Moines. If you’re interested in building a conscious home, check out www.DrakeHomesIowa.com and let’s connect to build the home of your dreams.




Ben McDougal is the Marketing Director at Drake Homes. After a successful career in web development, Ben joined the dedicated team at Drake Homes and now brings an energized, tech-driven perspective to the home building and entrepreneurial community in Iowa.

Drake Homes builds around 50 new homes in Des Moines each year and offers an excellent collection of residential floor plans that fit any lifestyle. Check out photos, video and much more in their interactive portfolio, subscribe to The Building Buzz, or contact Drake Homes to discuss your own home building ideas today!



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