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Dub Hub Spotlight: Ryan Spooner - Garage Door Installation

Posted by Allison Peet on Apr 12, 2016 7:00:00 PM

Ryan-des-moines-residential-garage-door-installation.pngThis month we are highlighting Ryan, our residential salesperson. He started working for WD Door in March of 2005 in our Des Moines residential garage door installation department as a helper to one of the lead installers. He is self-taught and motivated and was quickly promoted to doing lead residential garage door installs. He was the go-to guy for detailed, tricky, and labor-intensive installation and service jobs.

Because of his knowledge and hands-on experience in the field for the last ten years, Ryan was promoted to our residential sales department. He brings his patience and guidance in helping our customers choose the perfect door for their residence. Ryan is passionate about the garage door industry and goes out of his way to help our customers, even stopping by houses on his way home from work to help people in need.


Here are some comments from our team about Ryan:

“Ryan is a loyal and passionate employee. He’s hardworking--will not call it a day until all of his tasks are taken care of. He cares about the installers and wants them to know what each of his projects will entail before leaving for the day.”Jeff

“He cares about the customer’s wants and needs. Ryan goes the extra step to ensure his jobs go well. He’s a dedicated employee and willing to help out others no matter how busy he is.” Steve

“Ryan is a hard worker who is very dependable and has a wealth of knowledge about garage doors. He takes pride in his job and goes the extra mile for our customers. He enjoys the outdoors, Iowa state athletics and the Indianapolis Colts football team. He's a great co-worker, friend, and asset to WD Door!!”Brad  

“Having Ryan in the office has been a tremendous help over the last year. With many of office staff coming from different backgrounds, lacking the technical garage door knowledge, we rely on him heavily to take care of our customers. It’s obvious that he’s very caring and passionate about his job, and he takes great pride in taking care of his clients.” Allison

“He’s knowledgeable, a great resource, hard worker, and a dedicated team member.” –Marge

“Sitting out front, I get to hear Ryan interact with customers quite often. He has a great gift of patience and understanding. He listens well to what the customers’ needs and wants are. Very dedicated to his job and WD Door. His knowledge of product and field experience available to us in the office is a huge benefit.”Mike


Thank you, Ryan, for being such a loyal, hardworking team member!


WD Door Team






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