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10 Things You Should Never Store in Your Garage

Posted by Jeff Myers on Aug 1, 2016 1:25:04 PM

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If you’re thinking about storing any of the following items (or you’re currently storing them) in your garage, think again! These 10 items should never be kept in the garage for long periods of time, and some of them shouldn’t even step foot inside (so to speak). Keep reading to learn why.



Never ever store a propane tank inside your garage. If it leaks, and you start your car, the air could ignite. Store propane safely outside on a flat surface that is away from your house and garage.


Partially Used Paint Cans

If you want to store leftover paint so you can use it again in the future, it needs to be sealed properly and stored safely. If you live in a region with fluctuating or freezing temperatures, don't store your paint in the garage, or it could get ruined and go to waste. To create a tight seal, place a layer of plastic wrap between the can and lid, and store upside down in a dry place.



Dog food, bird food, human food…it doesn’t matter. Don't store it in the garage! Many pet owners store open bags of pet food in the garage, which is an open invitation for rodents. Opt for storing food in the pantry instead to keep it from spoiling.



If wine gets too warm, it won’t taste right when you drink it. The cork and the wine can also expand and contract with changing temperatures, allowing air to slip into the bottle and ruining your wine.


Cardboard Boxes

Mice and insects can chew through cardboard boxes and make their homes inside, often destroying contents.


Artwork, Photos, and Paper

Art, books, important documents, and anything made of paper can get ruined by the humidity and changing temperatures inside the garage throughout the year. These items can become moist and moldy or warped. Photos can get stuck together, and paintings and drawings can chip and fade.


Wooden Furniture

Wood expands and contracts when the temperature changes. If you have nice wooden furniture that you plan to use in the future, don’t store it in the garage. It could crack or become warped.



Refrigerators operate most efficiently when kept in a 67–77-degree environment (AKA indoors). If the temperature gets far below or above this, your refrigerator won’t run as efficiently and could break down.



Heat and humidity can destroy clothing, so don’t store precious articles—like your wedding dress or baby clothes—out in the garage. In addition to mildew and mold, insects and rodents can also chew through clothing and ruin it.



Don’t store a mattress you plan to use again in the garage, either. It will be exposed to a number of unpleasant elements, including car exhaust, dust, insects, rodents, and humidity. Even if you have it wrapped up tightly, these things can still make their way inside and pollute your mattress.


Overall, never store items that expand and contract with changing temperatures, are hazardous, or will succumb to damage due to moisture and humidity or pest infestation.


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